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How Do You Keep a Clean and Healthy Home?

I really do love this time of year. Like a bear who’s been on hibernation, I feel like I am emerging from a cave and into bright sunshine. Never mind that the rest of my family have the sniffles and sneezes and other allergy symptoms, never mind that it also makes me feel like I have to clean the soot and grime from the abode; I am just glad to see the sun everyday and not have to wear a coat!

I look outside and I get excited to see the budding leaves on the trees. The pollen dust that is starting to blanket everything yellow is welcome to me! But then I am not sensitive to their allergens like the rest of the family is. So it’s left up to me to keep a haven for them inside our home.

As much as I would love to throw open the windows and let the spring breeze and sunshine in, they remain close for the moment until the pollen dies down. I have started to do some spring cleaning but as always, I have been kind of scattered and all over the place. I was glad to find this article on the Filtrete website as it creates a method to my madness.  I’ve reposted some of the tips from Laura Dellutri on the Filtrete’s Clear Advantages program here for you: Read more