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Why a Business Should Have a Facebook Page


One of the most important things that any business must do to sell online is to learn about the social media site Facebook. Below are a few tips on how to use Facebook in a business capacity.

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Are You Worried About Your Online Reputation?

Whether you agree with it or not or even if it’s legal or not, more and more employers are demanding access to your facebook account. No, they don’t just want to be able to see your profile, they actually want your password!

It isn’t enough that you can already find out almost everything about anyone online nowadays just through a basic search online, for employers to demand passwords to your accounts, I think is going a little too far. Next thing you know, they will want to riffle through your home before they hire you. But, that is just my opinion. I would pass over any job that would require that of me.

The reality is, most employers, schools and other institutions are relying on social media and your online persona to make judgements about you. So much so that some people are either staying offline (almost impossible) or creating aliases. I see so many aliases among my facebook friends now that it’s almost annoying.

Aside from doing it yourself, some people who are overly concerned about their credibility are turning to professionals for their online reputation management. These companies charge a fee to provide you with a ‘positive online presence’. They will help you build a custom profile, monitor your online reputation and remove any negative content that shows up, and protect information that you would like to keep private.

Are you at the point yet that you think paying for this service is worth it?

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MOO Facebook Cards!

I received my FREE facebook cards today from MOO and are they ever fabulous! Well, I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve had MOO products before when I received the mini-MOO cards from Foodbuzz.

These facebook cards were pulled from my facebook timeline. It pulled the cover photos I had already uploaded and even pulled one of my quotes for the back of the card.

Even though the photos were my own taken with my cheap point and shoot camera, the images on the card came out vibrant and looked like they were taken by a pro!

And the paper… it’s heavy stock paper. None of that flimsy kind that looks like you could have printed it yourself on your color printer. These had body to them. The kind that won’t crumple when you casually drop it into the abyss of a woman’s purse. They are so thick and sturdy that you’d want to hold on to them… maybe even frame them!

Want to try them out? They are still offering free facebook cards just go on the moo.com website and find out how. You can also check them out on facebook.

‘Rents on the Internet

‘RENTS that’s what our kids call us nowadays. Did you know? Well the other day, MY ‘rent got her gmail account and her facebook account!

I told my daughter, “Hey! Grandma is on facebook!” She immediately replied, “Now you’ll know what it feels like.” LOL!

I actually don’t mind! I love seeing seniors embrace technology. And if she’s a little slow on the uptake, that’s alright, we all took baby steps too. But these teenagers, they just think the own all of the information super highway! Oh, but they think that on the real highways too! Kids!

The way I look at it, I’d rather have my mom keep her brain cells exercising by learning a new technology and keep up with the world rather than staying at home watching TV and worrying about Hormone replacement therapy, her blood pressure and diabetes! At least she would have something else to talk about other that what’s ailing her.

What do you think about having your parents on social networks like facebook?

Facebook Games

Facebook, for a voyeur can be very addicting. It’s sort of how blogs used to be. See, one of the things that made blogs so attractive is that you can peek into people’s lives and they willingly open their doors and windows for you. The difference is, you’d have to drive around to find blogs to peek at while in facebook, they come to you! Little snippets of everyone’s business continuously flow through your feed like a main line to your addiction.

And if the bits of gossip and hearsay is not enough to keep you entertained, there’s also a bunch of distractions called apps. See if you’ve played any of these top ten applications on Facebook yet:

  1. Farmville
  2. Phrases
  3. Texas Holdem Poker
  4. FrontierVille
  5. Quiz Whiz
  6. Mafia Wars
  7. Causes
  8. Cafe’ World
  9. Phrases (new)
  10. Quiz Planet

I’m guilty of having used a number of those top ten apps. I just recently quit my obsession with farming, but I’m still working on my gambling problem. I am getting a perverse pleasure of winning and losing insane amounts of $$$.

Now if you have someone like me on your Christmas list, I ran across this funny but also very useful post, a gift guide for facebook addicts. I loved the little jewelry items but my favorite is the t-shirt ideas. Here are some of my favorite lines:
“I’d rather be farming”
“What’s a Vodoo Chicken Salad anyway?”
“Have you brushed your bull today?”

And for poker players, I’d like to add the following:
“Poke me. I go all in.”

Do you like the gift ideas? I do! They would make better gifts than a cheap tanning lotion, I’m sure. They would be a lot funnier too!