Do You Read Religious Books and Do You stick to Only One?

Do You Read Religious Books and Do You stick to Only One?

Do you read religious books or books on religion? Do you only read those pertaining to your faith or do you read them all?

I read all genres. All books that can hold my attention is fair game. While my favorite is still fantasy and historical novels. I have been known to get wrapped up in romance, mystery, biographical, non-fiction, and yes, even religious genres.

I have noticed on my online reading groups that there is a strong contingent of readers who read strictly Christian books. I have read quite a few religious novels and my new favorites are the Amish books that have been gaining popularity lately. I am just intrigued by them.

I cannot readily name my favorite Christian books though, and I admit to not ever having read the Bible all the way through. I do admire people who find an interest and learn all they can about it, finding the encouragement and understanding in the words, and even finding inspiration for living their life by it. I can sense that feeling of inspiration and wanting to be better.

Personally, I like exploring new worlds. I think that’s why I am intrigued by the Amish novels. The same way that I am intrigued by novels set in the middle ages because their lives then were so strongly influenced by religion. I also like to read about religions and culture that I haven’t had much exposure to like those of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Religions fascinate me, I don’t think not so much for their dogma but rather how people interpret those teachings and incorporate them into their lives. I l like witnessing or rather reading about the transformations that is almost always present in good literature and you do see a lot of that in religious books.



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