Clever and creative promotional ideas include unique mementos

Clever and creative promotional ideas include unique mementos


There are some really wonderful promotional products on the market that can be customized and personalized to display a common theme, logo, or motif that is relevant to a business or organization. Many of these items are affordable and a great, cost-efficient strategy to increase company exposure, garner customers, or expand consumer audiences. Other shoppers seeking unique products may have different incentives and objectives for investing in customized products, including solidarity among group members, favors for parties or celebrations, or to commemorate a milestone in a clever way. Whatever the goal, the options for products is vast but there are some simple and affordable alternatives that might get overlooked when browsing. One great item to consider is the simple lapel pin.

Lapel pins are the perfect, small item that is an ideal stage for a message, image, or company logo. The sheer design and style make it a breeze to create clever and effective designs for any occasion. The price per-pin is economical enough that those buying them can afford to disseminate or distribute the pins widely, without the fear of lost revenue that more expensive products may bring. This not only makes them the ideal giveaway or customer appreciation token, but also a wonderfully creative element for a party or reception.

Imagine these cute pins as a party favor for a wedding, with pins depicting an image and clever quip regarding the couple. These could be placed at each place-setting at the table for guests to take home. Also, these present a great item for a milestone birthday allowing planners to print a “then” and “now” photo of the celebrated individual on the pin’s facade. The guest of honor will delight in this funny endeavor and will likely keep one as a treasured memento of the affair.

These are offered from vendors in a wide range of styles and materials, from photo image style pins to pvc shapes that mimic familiar sites, objects, or personalities. Furthermore, metal pins such as die-struck or enameled variations, make handsome rewards to mark an achievement either in a work-place, classroom, or other setting. The simple tie-tack closure will be appropriate for any recipient, despite age, interests, or preferences.

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