Why a Business Should Have a Facebook Page

Why a Business Should Have a Facebook Page


One of the most important things that any business must do to sell online is to learn about the social media site Facebook. Below are a few tips on how to use Facebook in a business capacity.

Many new business people are unaware of the differences between their Facebook profile page and their business Facebook. In order to use the social media network to its fullest extent, a business owner must know how to separate the different functions of a personal and business Facebook.

The difference between A Facebook Profile Page in a Business Page
The first step to learning how to use Facebook effectively is to learn the difference between a Facebook profile page and a business Facebook page. A personal page allows personal connection actions such as adding friends while a business page does not. In short, a personal page is more suitable for true two way communication. A business Facebook page is more apt for a website, as befits the terms of service on Facebook.

Some of the other differences between a Facebook profile page and a business Facebook page include:

1. Business pages requires a simple “like” of the page in order for people to to receive updates from that page while personal pages requires a person to send a ‘friend’ request and be accepted before they can view updates on their feed and interact.

2. Personal profiles only allow 5000 ‘friends’ whereas business pages allow an unlimited number of followers.

3. A business page will give owners more insight to success or failures of various campaigns they choose to run. It also looks more professional than a personal page which is designed for more personal interaction.

4. Business pages are allowed to promote deals, run contests and other campaigns that drive exposure to the business while personal profiles are limited by facebook’s term of use from conducting many promotional campaigns.

What Should I Put on my Personal Page and my Business Page?
It is not uncommon for a business entity to use both business pages and personal pages in order to gain an audience for a company. However, the business page and personal page must be used to their best advantage so as to avoid confusing potential customers.

According to many Facebook marketing experts, it is essential that a personal page and a business page be distinct from each other. Although it can be reassuring to new customers that an actual person runs the business page, the personal page should not be an integral part of the business page. The company should stand on its own merits and use of personal page as an additional resource for individuals who want to perform deep research into the company.

With this in mind, a business should direct incoming traffic to its business page rather than any personal pages that the business owner might have on Facebook. If a potential customer finds the personal page from the business page and wants to deepen the relationship, the customer can opt to do that on his or her own. The business page should be the page that is optimized for search engines and receives all of the resources available from the company to maximize the search engine optimization effort.

Business pages are also much easier to rank on the major search engines because of the “like” feature. This feature is picked up by the major search engines and used as one of the criteria for determining the relevance to a particular keyword. If of business page has a great deal of likes and is optimized for certain keywords that is related to the company industry, then that Facebook business page will rank much higher within the major search engines than a company page that does not have any likes. Although a personal page can also rank within the major search engines, it is more difficult to optimize personal Facebook pages for generic keywords. This page should be used as a secondary resource within the major search engines when it comes to search ranking.

A Facebook business page should be full of information about the company while a personal page should be full of information about the person. Keep all personal correspondence off of the business page and direct any personal conversations to the personal page should your friends seep over into your business page.

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