Staff Uniforms in the Service Industry

Staff Uniforms in the Service Industry


There are many professions where the employees wear uniforms. The uniforms vary in colors depending on the business and the position of the employee wearing them. Some uniforms consist of a jacket, shirt or vest that has the name of the company or the last name of the employee on the front pocket or they could be as simple as a t-shirt with the business name on the back.

Restaurant uniforms are probably the most common. There is usually one style for the wait staff and something else for the people who work in the kitchen area. The uniforms can be functional for the position while still showing the professionalism of the restaurant. Food service uniforms are quite versatile. If you don’t want the entire apron for your cooking staff, you can get them half aprons that cover the pants. Employees can wear a buttoned shirt with this type of uniform. Most of the uniforms for restaurants are wrinkle free and have a soil release technology so they are easier to clean. Ties and scarves are also options with wait staff uniforms.

Another business that utilizes uniforms are hotels. From the housekeeping staff to the front desk, each person is important and uniforms serve to delineate the various duties of the staff. You will often see women at the front desk wearing a blouse with either a delicate tie or scarf. Many front desk employees wear black pants and black shoes as part of the uniform. Men can wear a dress shirt, tie and blazer while working at the front desk. Those who work in the food and beverage area of the hotel can wear a Bistro apron or polo shirt that has the name of the hotel embroidered on the front. Housekeeping uniforms are a bit simpler. They usually consist of a dress that has a straight front and collar. Some of them have pockets so that the staff can carry keys to the rooms. Men who work in housekeeping can wear a shirt similar to the dress in that it has a collar and pockets. The material is lightweight so that the staff does not get overheated while cleaning. Shop for other uniforms for hotels and resorts are for those who work in the spa area or someone who might be in charge of the front desk.

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