The History of Wedding Rings – An Anniversary Post

The History of Wedding Rings – An Anniversary Post

The wedding ring remains one of the most iconic symbols of marriage today. The circle has always represented the unending cycle, an eternity of existence. In love, it symbolizes an endless affection. The symbolism may ring hollow in today’s seemingly impermanence of some marriages as people marry and un-marry as if following a trend, but for many, the ring’s symbolism is still something to aspire and hope for. It still gives meaning to the purpose of unity and endlessness in the love between couples.

There is, however, a segment of people who see the ring as an antiquated symbol of man’s dominance over woman and eschew the use of such a symbol in their relationship. It goes back to the times when women became ‘properties’ of men once the ring is placed on their fingers. Back then, only women wore rings. It is only in recent times that men started wearing rings too.

Personally, I wear my wedding ring daily. It only leaves my finger to be cleaned. For me, it does not mean that I have given myself away to my husband or does it mean that he ‘owns’ me; rather, it’s a reminder of the commitment I made to him over 20 years ago to become his partner in life and love. As our 23rd anniversary looms, I look at the gold ring that has become a semi-permanent ornament of my left hand and marvel at the history it has witnessed and been part of. No, it does not symbolize ownership for me, but rather it symbolizes belongingness; the sense of being part of family.

The infographic below provides an interesting bird’s-eye-view of the History of Wedding Rings. What does your wedding ring mean to you?

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