Netflix Free Trial

Netflix Free Trial

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve had Netflix service at home. Since we got DirectTV service, we decided it was redundant to keep the Netflix subscription on top of that so we cancelled.

However, the rates for the satellite TV service has been getting higher and really, we don’t watch that much TV. I do like watching movies, and the girls usually watch stuff online from their computers rather than watching TV. That’s why I have been considering cutting off some of the premier channels and going back to Netflix instead.

If you’re not familiar with Netflix (and I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t heard of them yet!) they are basically an online video store where, for a monthly fee, you can rent movies and they will send you the DVDs over the mail or you can watch online through your computer.

When I first signed up for the service, I got a Netflix free trial by signing up for a pro account on Photobucket. These deals are actually a great way to test drive various services that you may not be familiar with.

After the free trial, I found that I liked their service and the value so I kept the subscription. With a free trial, if you decide that you don’t like the service, it’s easy to simply cancel and it doesn’t cost you a thing to sample what they offer.

Are you wondering if the small monthly fee is worth it?

If you have kids, and especially kids who are away from home or are constantly wired, this is a great value. They can watch movies on their mobile devices any time! My daughters who are away at college and loved having Netflix to watch movies on their computers. That alone, even if you never opted to have DVDs delivered to your home, is worth it.


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