Tips for Shopping Online

If you shop online, you are probably already familiar with all the safety precautions as far as guarding your personal information and money. The infographic below is geared for the European market, but some of the advice is universal no matter where you are. Besides shopping only on reliable sites and having the right security software on your computer, I think the biggest advice you should take away from this list is, IF IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS!

I do quite a bit of shopping online and I have found some amazing deals too. I have been fortunate to not have had any negative experiences but I know of several people who have either been scammed or have had their identities stolen. It’s great that we have these technological conveniences at our fingertips, but it always pays to be wary. So enjoy the great deals and convenience of shopping online, just keep these tips in mind.

Via: TrendMicro


  1. Daniel Mock says:

    I am responding to your post to let people know about tip 5 and a good security software. I actually was a victim of people using my information off of forms I filled out on the internet. I filled out a cash advance online and some people called me saying I received the cash advance and never paid it back and that I would be going to court for the money. It was a scam. They got my information from a cash advance website. I am recommending a security software that will always keep you protected. I have bought it myself and still use it and it does wonders. It is called Kaspersky. It protects you from everything including viruses. It has blocked many trojans and has block people that was phishing also. It also protects your information when you are typing it through a virtual keyboard. It is well worth the money.

  2. Tammy Guise says:

    I think these tips are amazing. Presentation is great. This what spammers do. They present it in such a form that we are fooled into thinking that they are genuine. Shopping online is safe only one thing holds importance and that is to not give out any personal information.

  3. Louise Moore says:

    I thought I’d add in some advice for step 1…I’m a big online shopper and the best new tool I’ve found recently that has made my life SO much easier is this bookmarking site called Clipix.

    Not only can I bookmark everything I find online to private boards (so nobody can steal my style!); but also, it has this feature called “Price Drop Alert” that literally does just that. When you ‘clip’ or bookmark a product, you can set a price you’d like to see it at, and Clipix will let you know if and when the price drops! Don’t waste time checking back for deals on e-commerce sites…trust me…just use Clipix. It’s perfect for bookmarking what you find and staying on top the deals.