Seniors Retiring Near Casinos – Is it a New Trend?

Seniors Retiring Near Casinos – Is it a New Trend?

Last year my mother sold our family home in Los Angeles and moved to Las Vegas to retire. She said the house in L.A. had gotten too hard to maintain and since it was old, also needed lots of repairs that she just didn’t want to deal with. So, she decided to buy a house in Las Vegas.

Now if you know my mother, it’s probably not such a good idea that she moved someplace so close to casinos.

This week, we heard of another relative who moved to Tucson, this time, to retire. Which was not sounding bad at first but I didn’t know that where she moved is also close to an area popular because of the Tucson banquets and casinos! His children are not happy about it, buy he seemed happy enough with the new place, and so is my mother with hers.

I suppose so long as gambling remains a recreational activity and not a compulsion, that it should be alright. It’s when they become obsessed with the allure of easy money that they start walking on tenuous ground. I was reading that most seniors like these places because it ensures a ready source of entartainment for them. It’s something to do. Plus, like in my mom’s case, there are so many eating places that she hardly has too cook so I guess it has its benefits.

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