‘Rents on the Internet

‘Rents on the Internet

‘RENTS that’s what our kids call us nowadays. Did you know? Well the other day, MY ‘rent got her gmail account and her facebook account!

I told my daughter, “Hey! Grandma is on facebook!” She immediately replied, “Now you’ll know what it feels like.” LOL!

I actually don’t mind! I love seeing seniors embrace technology. And if she’s a little slow on the uptake, that’s alright, we all took baby steps too. But these teenagers, they just think the own all of the information super highway! Oh, but they think that on the real highways too! Kids!

The way I look at it, I’d rather have my mom keep her brain cells exercising by learning a new technology and keep up with the world rather than staying at home watching TV and worrying about Hormone replacement therapy, her blood pressure and diabetes! At least she would have something else to talk about other that what’s ailing her.

What do you think about having your parents on social networks like facebook?

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