Facebook Games

Facebook Games

Facebook, for a voyeur can be very addicting. It’s sort of how blogs used to be. See, one of the things that made blogs so attractive is that you can peek into people’s lives and they willingly open their doors and windows for you. The difference is, you’d have to drive around to find blogs to peek at while in facebook, they come to you! Little snippets of everyone’s business continuously flow through your feed like a main line to your addiction.

And if the bits of gossip and hearsay is not enough to keep you entertained, there’s also a bunch of distractions called apps. See if you’ve played any of these top ten applications on Facebook yet:

  1. Farmville
  2. Phrases
  3. Texas Holdem Poker
  4. FrontierVille
  5. Quiz Whiz
  6. Mafia Wars
  7. Causes
  8. Cafe’ World
  9. Phrases (new)
  10. Quiz Planet

I’m guilty of having used a number of those top ten apps. I just recently quit my obsession with farming, but I’m still working on my gambling problem. I am getting a perverse pleasure of winning and losing insane amounts of $$$.

Now if you have someone like me on your Christmas list, I ran across this funny but also very useful post, a gift guide for facebook addicts. I loved the little jewelry items but my favorite is the t-shirt ideas. Here are some of my favorite lines:
“I’d rather be farming”
“What’s a Vodoo Chicken Salad anyway?”
“Have you brushed your bull today?”

And for poker players, I’d like to add the following:
“Poke me. I go all in.”

Do you like the gift ideas? I do! They would make better gifts than a cheap tanning lotion, I’m sure. They would be a lot funnier too!

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