How do you organize your books?

How do you organize your books?

My husband hates our headboard and this is one reason. This is the stack of books on my headboard. Well actually, it was the stack over a week ago. It has rotated a bit since then. See, I keep the books that I am reading right now close by. As in right above my head close by. I have several books started, and depending on my mood before I go to sleep, I will reach for the one that strikes my fancy. As I finish them, I will put them up on one of the bookshelves around the house and pull out another one to start. So yeah, the headboard is never clear of books.

I have a mental inventory of books that I have read and ones that I haven’t, the different genres, the ones that need to be reviewed and the ones that need to be given away. I keep saying that I will get more organized one day and maybe draft a spreadsheet listing all my books where I can check off the ones that I have read, the ones I have reviewed and the ones I have duplicates of. But, as life would have it, I just never seem to find time to do any organizing. At one time I had even considered getting one of those portable barcode scanner to inventory my books. But even with technology, you still have to find the time to actually do the organizing! And time is one thing that I don’t have a lot of. I’d rather spend what free time I have reading my books rather than organizing them.

So what is the method to my madness, you ask? My method is stacking. I have stacks like these ones on my headboard for the ones that I am reading. I have a stack on one bookcase of those that I have already read. Another stack are those that I haven’t read yet then I have a special stack of good books that I want to read but want to give them exclusive, uninterrupted time, so they are a treat that I save for rainy days. In a more secure spot, I have a stack of new books that I plan on giving away on this blog so I want to keep them clean, dust free and unmolested. It’s not a very efficient system and it’s bad because I am the only one who can follow it. When my husband gets the urge to clean up and organize, we end up arguing when he shifts my stacks around. So to keep peace, he’s learned to lay off my books until he just can’t stand it anymore then all bets are off and damn the torpedoes, he’ll organize them his way.

That lasts about a week then I get them all back to my system. Hey, it’s a mad system but it’s worked for me so far. How about you, how do you organize your books?

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