Photobucket Pro & Netflix Deal

Photobucket Pro & Netflix Deal

I have been using Photobucket’s free online storage service for the photos that I use for blogging. I think that Photobucket has the best photo storage service available online. Even though there are bells and whistles that used to be attractive to me in other services, I always went back to Photobucket because of their solid basic services.

They provide almost unlimited storage and bandwidth as part of their free service package. For a small blog or one that is just starting out, this is plenty. I never did fill my quota up in the four years that I had the free service. I could have stayed that way longer but for a unique and hard to pass up offer that I found just recently.

They had an offer for free upgrade to the pro service if you sign up for Netflix. Well what a coincidence! It just so happened that I was approaching my storage limit in the free Photobucket owing to the large sized formats I had been uploading lately. And the kids had been bugging me to buy more DVDs and/or rent movies more and more as they got interested in new and old movies. So it just made sense for us to sign up for Netflix! When I signed up for the $9 a month plan on Netflix, I got Photobucket Pro FREE for a year! That was an awesome deal especially as we already got our money’s worth in DVD rentals before our free first month was even over.

So check it out if this deal is still available. It’s definitely worth it.

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