The Case of the Disappearing Widgets

The Case of the Disappearing Widgets

Maybe it was a sign that my sidebar was getting cluttered. Who knows.

I just spent the last hour trying to figure out what I did wrong with this blog. I was updating a widget when lo and behold, when I went to save, it went wonky (yes, I said wonky for lack of a technical term) and the whole widget disappeared! Here I was thinking I needed to recover one widget and I was panicking. I tweeted it, I put in an appeal on my facebook page and I was googling like crazy. I even tried to contact my hosting provider, BlueHost, but they don’t provide script support. Bummer. Searched through all the WordPress forums, nothing. Well, nothing simple that I could understand anyway.

THEN, it got worse.

Not only did my blog have some weird code above the header, I also discovered that not just that one text widget disappeared, ALL of them disappeared. I wanted to cry!

I found this solution on how to recover your widgets when they decide to magically disappear, but it required a plug in that you have to download and install and what it does is it essentially resets all your plugins. Well I didn’t want to take the risk of losing the rest of the remaining plugins so I just decided to muck through and rebuild all of them from scratch.

Lesson learned, back up, back up and back up again. Not everyone has a good support system nowadays. The POS systems, though, claim to have support behind them. I just hope it’s better than what I went through today.

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