Teen’s Review of MP3 Media Players

Teen’s Review of MP3 Media Players

One of the gadgets my daughters cannot live without is their mp3 player. Like all teens they live with their own soundtrack in the background. This is my daughter Jade’s story of the music players. To date 🙂

I myself, am an avid music addict.. I can’t go a day without turning on the radio or my iPod to listen to some tunes. If I’m chilling out at home music is almost always a must.

My first portable CD player is one of my earliest memories of a Christmas gift growing up, along with probably my first CD, a Backstreet Boys album. When mp3 players first became popular I remember wanting one very badly, and in 7th grade my mom buying me one with her tax refund money. It was a simple SanDisk player, I still have mine, and it’s still in great condition and works well with a AA battery. That player only had 512 MB of built in memory, a fact that would make many frown upon the little device. It only featured MP3 and WAV files, but had a built in FM radio which I made good use of, along with the expandable memory card slot.

A while after having bought the SanDisk, I was looking to upgrade. Everyone I knew had ipods except for me, but I wasn’t really into them. They didn’t have a radio like my SanDisk and they were expensive. A feature I was really looking for was video and photo as well, and the classic iPod with video was a huge splurge for a young teen like me. While perusing the depths of Amazon.com I ran across the Meizu Mini Player. It supported MP3, photos, and videos, and even had a FM radio! All my wants were provided for, and at $110 it was perfect for me! I ordered the player and fell in love with its sleek, slim curves, the huge screen and the ways that I could personalize it. (See my full review of the Meizu) The player was nothing short of my best friend, until one day I turned it on and instead of seeing crisp, crystal clear images on the LCD, I saw static looking scratches. That was the end of the Meizu, I had lost the warranty and never filled it out, furthermore, their support service failed to reply to any of my calls or emails. However, sentimental though I am I also held on to the Meizu. It’s shell of a player that still sits in my bookshelf.

After the Meizu I felt encouraged to buy a more reliable brand name device. The iPhone had come out along with the iTouch, neither of which I could afford but I was definitely into all the new iPods that had come out. My aunt sent me her old, red, iPod nano. For a while I was resentful, I missed my Meizu (and had reverted to my SanDisk), but soon I started using the nano, which I continue to use to this day.

The old nano, is definitely out of style now, especially when compared to the new nanos, shuffles and the touch. However, it works well and I only use it for MP3s and occasionally photos. I definitely recommend the new iPods and SanDisks, they’ve really come a long way. The iPods flaunt new games and apps, as well as touch-screens, and other interactive features. The SanDisks offer a lot of bang for little buck, they’ve got the main features, video, photo, and MP3, and even FM radios and voice recorders.

If I could I would definitely go for an iPod shuffle or nano. But most-likely I will go for a SanDisk Fuze which doesn’t have as much memory as the iPods but does have the necessary features for around $100.

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