Some Things Cost More Than You Realize

Some Things Cost More Than You Realize

I found this video while blog hopping. Usually, I stick to food blogs, book blogs, giveaway sites and free online auctions, but there’s always an odd site that pops up in there once in a while. Well, this was one of them and I almost turned away immediately but the music held me just long enough to get me wondering what this was all about.

I really liked the song but the images disturbed me. At first it was looking like it was going to be all about sex, then I looked at the name of the band and it said The Killers so I was waiting for something graphic to happen. Instead, it was the exact opposite. It was graphic alright, but not in the way I was expecting. It shows a girl. She’s going to meet a date and it gets pretty hot and sexy. I wasn’t really getting the connection to the haunting melody. But that isn’t the whole story. The story behind what you see is more horrific than a horror movie. You’ll have to watch the video below and see what I mean.

I thought it was just a music video but I found, after going to the YouTube page that the video was created specifically to raise awareness about sex trafficking. Since we don’t have cable at home, I would never have known that this video was being shown on MTV since July. The video is an exclusive collaboration between UNICEF, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) and the US Agency for International Development.

From the YouTube page:

There is almost no country in the world now that isnt affected by human trafficking in some way, said UNICEF Chief of Child Protection Susan Bissell. The statistics are staggering. More than 1.2 million children are being trafficked each year and nearly 80 per cent of all trafficking is for sexual exploitation, and the most at risk are girls.

We see this music video as a powerful way to reach out and raise awareness among young people, across borders and across language barriers, she added.

The Goodnight, Travel Well video was directed by film and music video veteran David Slade, in collaboration with the renowned production company Anonymous Content. The creative concept was developed by the Australian advertising agency CRC, with support from the UK music consultancy Huge Music.

The video provides insight into the realities of trafficking, with a particular focus on the trafficking of children and adolescents into forced prostitution.

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