Going Back To School

Going Back To School

Tomorrow is the first day back to school in our district. Students are anxious either because they are excited to go back to school or are dreading that they are going back to school. It’s a hectic time, getting the kids ready for school. It’s also a time when many of us, working professionals, start reflecting on our current situations and what we need to do to improve it.

If taking your kids back to school is making you think about also going back to school, here’s another online masterial degree program that you may be interested in.

Lewis University Online offers a masters information security program that will provide students with the technological and managerial tools to help them stay ahead in the IT security industry by training students in creative and innovative ways in responding to threats in IT functionality and privacy.

There are two areas of concentration in the The Lewis University Online Master of Science in
Information Security program: Managerial and Technical. Not everyone working in IT works on the technical side, many are on the administrative and managerial side so depending on your area of concentration, you can choose to follow one of the two focus.

Whichever concentration you decide to focus on, a masters degree in Information Security will help you succeed in your IT career.

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