Book Review & Giveaway: Your Family Constitution by Scott Gale

Book Review & Giveaway: Your Family Constitution by Scott Gale

Parents know all about drama and meltdowns and not necessarily all from the kids. That’s what Scott Gale had when when he lost his cool on a Mother’s Day and ended up walking home for twelve miles.

We’ve all have our meltdowns but we’re too embarrassed to talk about it. Scott Gale was not embarrassed by it, the experience opened his eyes and it’s the catalyst that  lead to his book, Your Family Constitution – A Modern Approach to Family Values and Household Structure.

In this book Scott walks you through, mostly by example, the process of evaluating your household and identifying hidden signs that your family is becoming ‘out of control’. Oh, I know, most of us are in that river in Egypt and won’t readily admit that something is wrong with our dynamics. Us? Of course not. That can’t be us.

Read on and you’ll start seeing glimpses of yourself and your family in the examples that Scott cites in Your Family Constitution. I mean, my children are in their teens now and Scott’s are still young yet I saw so many similarities that it was uncanny. When he talked about ‘losing it’ with his son I couldn’t help but cringe at the memory of either me or my husband hovering over our daughters and just going off on them. It’s not a pretty  vision and it felt even uglier. We always felt like jerks after wards.  We too went through a process of evaluating and revising the way we deal with our daughters but we didn’t quite go as far as Scott Gale did with his family.

He established a written constitution that they live by and it grows as they grow. We have one too in our house, but it’s not written down. It’s something that just hangs over us lol! It’s an unwritten code but I suppose as long as everyone is in agreement it could work. Every family probably has a constitution and don’t even know it. Well whether you have one or not, you will benefit from reading this book. It will give you tips on resolving not just everyday family issues but it will help you reconnect with your kids and enhance your family communication.

Visit the Your Family Constitution website if you’d like to learn more about the author and the book. The website also provides you with additional tools to get your started on strengthening and structuring your household. You can also buy the book directly from the website.



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10 thoughts on “Book Review & Giveaway: Your Family Constitution by Scott Gale

  1. Just wanted to pop in and say that I have read the book, am implementing several of the ideas in my own family, and the whining and arguing has been greatly reduced. I love it and highly recommend it.

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  3. This is the first I’ve heard of a family constitution, so nope we don’t have one! Very interesting concept, I definitely know all about having meltdowns!

  4. My family is pretty new so we don’t have a constitution yet, which is one reason I’d like to check out this book. Sounds interesting 🙂

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