Tonight’s the Night!

Tonight’s the Night!

Yep, I’m going to go see Twilight tonight! I’m so excited. It’s also my husband’s birthday and I think he will be going with me instead of Asi just so we play it fair with the girls. Some little girl had started getting a little sad. So, in a way I am glad that husband and I will have a chance to go out just the two of us.

At the rate that this weather is going though, I can’t be sure that he wouldn’t have changed his mind by the time I get home this evening. I’m getting off early so I can cook dinner before I go but it’s also darn cold right now. Some snow flurries were actually falling about an hour ago. We were all hoping that maybe the snow would stick then we can all go home early, but no dice. It stopped after a few minutes and now it’s just grey, dreary and cold.

Tonight, I think I will make some Chili Con Carne for dinner. Perfect for a cold and blustery night. Perfect for viewing a vampire movie. LOL!

Soon after I wrote that, I’m starting to doubt whether eating this much beans and spice would be a good idea right before going into an enclosed and dark space. Dare I? 😀 Going to the movies and chili isn’t the best fat burners but maybe running out of the theater after releasing a chili laden gas bomb ahead of the mob would be. ROFL! I know, I’m getting giddy. I’ll quit 🙂

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