Techie Wishlist

Techie Wishlist

I’m tired of my TracFone. Although, I don’t really mind my cell phone itself. It has an easy to use T9, or predictive text. It’s not a bad size and it’s cute, it’s not the most technologically advanced phone, but I like it. It’s a big upgrade from my previous phone. Because I like it so much, I wouldn’t totally mind using it with a real plan.

However, it’s not my ideal phone. Auntie O said she might send me her Blackberry Pearl after my report card comes. I would definitely love to use that instead of my current phone. I doubt I could get a real plan right now, so I would love to use the Blackberry along with my current TracFone sim card… It might need to be an unlocked cell phones in order to work, or at least work with another plan.. I’m not sure how it all works.

But I wish I could get a plan!! I need unlimited texting.. 😛 Sorry for the ranting!


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