Delete All is Not Enough

Delete All is Not Enough

Over the last week the girls had been complaining that the laptop has been lagging and just not performing as usual. So they performed disk clean up, defragmented it, and deleted all cookies and browsing history. I also noticed that they had just about filled up the 45GB hard drive. They were down to 2GB. So we went through the saved files and deleted everything we weren’t using anymore and moved old photos to the external hard drive. We freed up about 10 GB of hard drive but we can do more and we will.

Anyway, I figured, that should fix the problem, right? Wrong, it was still lagging. I was thinking I may have to bite the bullet and spring for a memory upgrade. Luckily, husband came to the rescue.

He said, give him the laptop and let him try something. So we did. We found out, although all the cleaning up and deleting and defragmenting that we did is ultimately good for the computer, that we really should also clean up the registry. Whaa? That was new to me. He installed his registry clean up software and ran it, and the laptop has worked great all weekend!

If you’re having the same problem, look into cleaning up your registry. If you google ‘registry cleanup’ you will find several software. My husband uses SpyWare Doctor and he’s allowed to install it three times that’s how he was able to install it on my laptop too.

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