Words to Live By

Words to Live By

This morning I received an e-card from a good friend. The card said, to paraphrase, “The greatest reward is to witness the journey of life.” Most of the time when we say we are receiving a reward, we immediately think of material rewards when in truth the greatest rewards are those that we cannot see or buy.

Life Inspirations – Volume 1: Poetry with Purpose is a book of inspirational poetry by Ozell Adkins. Reading some of the excerpts from the book, one is compelled to think more, focus more on how we are living our life. Do we appreciate the life that we have enough? Do we love the people around us enough? Do we care enough about other than our selves?

I like the language of the poems. They are easy to understand, down to earth. I like that. I don’t like poetry that talks way over me. This is like talking to a beloved grandma or friend, it’s comfortable, it’s soothing and it’s inspiring. It makes you want to live more and live freer. It makes you look at your world and inspires you to become a conscious, active part of it. For instance the poem, Along the Way, ends with:

So no matter how busy a rush
You are in from day to day
Please find some time to stop
And help someone along the way.

Straight to the point, direct and hits right at the heart of things. I haven’t read the whole book, just peeked at some of the excerpts; but I think this is a book I’d like to keep in my pocket book for a while so that I can pull it out when I need reminding. Whenever I get one of those ‘oh poor me’ moments, I’d like to read one of these inspirational poems and be reminded that there is always a purpose in all things, even the bad, seemingly insurmountable things. Wherever you are in life, whatever you may be going through, know that there is always a deeper meaning to your suffering and remember that saying about only being awarded what you can carry.

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