American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I bought the Anansi Boys sometime ago but I haven’t read it yet. I am saving it for a good day. In the meantime, I got American Gods from the library so I can read it first.

I’ve loved all of Neil Gaiman’s books and have read Stardust and Neverwhere. I decided to start with the thinner volumes :)

American Gods was a very interesting and satisfying read. I like fantasy novels that work on a premise that I hadn’t read of before. In American Gods, the basic premise is that when early settlers to this country first landed on American soil, they brought with them their Gods from the old world. The old Gods flourished in this new country as they did in the old as long as someone believed in them. In these modern times in the new world, the old Gods have been pretty much forgotten. But what do old Gods do when no one knows about them anymore? Their story are the stories within the story in American Gods which is about a man named Shadow. Shadow has been dreaming of the day when he gets out of prison and gets to see his wife again. He swore that when he got out of prison he’ll do everything to never go back again and just live a peaceful and happy life with his wife.

Isn’t it always the case that when you want something too much, you may never get it? A day before he is released, Shadow learns that his wife has been killed in a car accident. To make things worse, on the plane home, Shadow is immediately derailed by a Mr. Wednesday, a mysterious man who seemed to know an awful lot about him. Shadow grew suspicious and got off the plane the first chance he got but it seems the fate that Mr. Wednesday has in mind for Shadow had just his incident in mind to get Shadow off his laid out plan. A revolution of sorts is brewing and unbeknown to Shadow, he will not only be caught up in it, he will be the center of it.

This is a long book, but you will never be bored. There are stories woven within stories that will keep you entranced and surprise you.

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