The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

I have been having ‘bloggers block’ for weeks since I came back from California so I decided to use my free time reading instead. I finally tackled this big book in my collection and it has kept me enrapt for some time.

I love vampire novels and this one surely is. Lately I’ve been into the Twilight novels, but this is different. This is decidedly more of an adult novel compared to those in that it incorporates more historical details and doesn’t always flow as easily. You really have to pay attention if you want to be able to ‘get’ The Historian.

Not only does it allude to actual historical events which can be interesting in themselves, the novel also covers three parallel story lines which, if you aren’t paying attention, can easily become confusing. I know I had to backtrack and re-read a couple of chapters just to keep things straight in my head. lol! But then, that could be just me and my wandering mind. Just remember to focus so you don’t miss the details.

The main story is narrated and viewed from the eyes of a 16 year old girl who finds a mysterious book in her father’s study which starts this journey of discovery into worlds unknown and some unknown facts about a mother she never knew. She learns of the hunt for the elusive Dracula by her father’s mentor, Bartholomew Rossi. When professor Rossi disappears, her own father starts a search for the professor which leads him farther into the world of Dracula, aided by the professor’s estranged daughter, Helen Rossi. Oh yeah, there’s unexpected surprises at every turn. Like I said, this book can easily become convoluted with it’s varying twists and turns, but it also means you are constantly engaged. I like that about a book. And I didn’t mind one bit that I had to go back and re-read pages just to keep the details straight in my head.

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