Pretties by Scott Westerfield

Pretties by Scott Westerfield

Pretties is the second book in the Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfield.

In the first book, Uglies, all 15 year old Tally Youngblood wanted was to become Pretty. She couldn’t wait for her sixteenth birthday when she would finally get the operation to make her pretty and she can join her friends across the river in Pretty Town. But before she could turn pretty she follows her friend Shay who has run away to join the Ugly rebels called The Smokes. While there, she falls in love not only with the idea of living in the wild but also with the boy leader of the Smokies who was raised in the Smokes and never was indoctrinated with Ugly vs. Pretty propaganda. But, things went terribly wrong and Tally had to go back to Pretty town to get pretty.

Book two is about Tally’s life as a pretty. She had always dreamed of being pretty, of being with her friends again and going to parties all the time. She should be happy, but something keeps nagging at her. Something that is just bubbling under the pretty surface. She meets Zane who becomes her new boyfriend and together they found a new way of staying ‘bubbly’ or lucid. See, one of the drawbacks of being pretty is that your brain doesn’t always function fully or independently. The pretty operation creates lesions in your brain that keeps it from functioning.

As agreed on when Tally left the Smokes in the first book, she will subject herself to being pretty in order to test the cure for Pretty lesions developed by Maddie, a rebel physician who also happens to be David’s mother. David is the boy Tally fell in love with while in the Smokes. Tally and Zane, in their Pretty mode, find the pills left by the Smokies for Tally to take. They decide to take a pill each rather than one of them taking the full dose. They figured a half dose is better than nothing. That decision will cost them a lot.

Make sure you read the book to find out what it’s like to be Pretty, but first make sure you read Uglies first or this book will not make much sense.

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