Cooked up some bread to go with my coffee

Cooked up some bread to go with my coffee


I cooked Challah Bread with Raisins recently. This one is perfect with your morning coffee.Speaking of coffee, what kind of coffee do you drink? Are you a Starbucks person or are you an instant person? I am not a Starbucks person. I just can’t stomach spending five bucks on coffee. It’s bad enough that my sister has totally corrupted my daughters and can’t go past a Starbucks without whining for frapuccino. I am definitely not an instant coffee person either. I have instant coffee in the cupboard, but that is for recipes that call for instant coffee powder. I’d rather not drink coffee than drink instant.

My husband and I like the taste of fresh ground coffee so we usually buy organic whole coffee beans and ground them ourselves every time we brew a pot. We like our coffee a little on the strong side, but not too much. When the coffee gets that slightly sour aftertaste that clings to the top of your tongue, then the strength for me has gone too far. That, or it’s been sitting on the warmer too long. We both drink our coffee black. No adornments, just plain black, no sugar nor cream. On a typical day, I probably drink three to five cups a day. I try to stop by noon, but sometimes I take another cup in the afternoon or after dinner.

How about you, what’s your coffee habit like?

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