Betrayed by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Betrayed by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

This weekend, I finished the second book in the House of Night series, Betrayed by the mother/daughter team P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.

In the first book, Marked, we are introduced to a world where vampires always existed in the human world. Vampires don’t get ‘turned’ but rather they are ‘changed’. They start out as humans who are chosen by a tracker (it hasn’t been explained yet how people get chosen) and marked by a symbol on their forehead, signifying their new status as fledgeing vampires. From the time they are ‘marked’ they then have a day to get to the vampire school, the House of Night, to start learning how to be a vampire and where their physical transformation can be monitored by adult vampires.

Zoey Redbird is a sort of a prodigy fledgling, having been chosen by the vampire goddess Nyx to be her eyes and ears, gifted with multiple affinities, previously unheard of among fledgling vampires, which gives her an advantage over all the other vampires. These affinities and the obvious favor of the goddess makes her a candidate for high priestess.

In this second book, Zoey has finally settled into school and has made great friends. She is torn between three guys vying for her favors; yes, Heath is still in the picture. Worse, he and Zoey have imprinted on each other thanks to a super hot make out session. In the meantime, she is still with her vampire boyfriend Eric but also enamored with a young part-time teacher, Loren. All of this happen amidst the turmoil of humans, most of them previously connected to Zoey, started disappearing and being found dead later. The first suspects are vampires.

Zoey, in this book finally finds her footing, so to speak, and is slowly growing into the blessings she has received. Her journey is not smooth though, not only does she have to deal with the usual teenage growing pains, she also an suffers incredible loss, and as the title implies, betrayal. With her loyal friends beside her and supporting her, she slowly comes in to herself as she learns to harness the power she was gifted with.

This was a good book, overall. Engrossing. But now I have to wait a few weeks before the next book comes out. The next book, Chosen, will be out on March 4th.

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