Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

On the third book of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers, Bella and Edward are back together again, after the fiasco that of the second book when Edward left and Bella turned to Jacob for companionship and friendship. While Bella is happy that she and Edward are together again, the bond she formed with Jacob is unbreakable and she misses him terribly.

This is not just a battle for Bella’s physical well being and mortal soul, it is also a battle for love. Can you love two people, two men, at the same time? If you love someone enough, would you give them up if it is what would save them or make them happy?

This book, like the first two is still full of fascinating adventures with vampires and werewolves but its the relationships that intrigue me. I suppose you have to be a good looking 90 year old vampire to be able to be secure enough to be unselfish? I don’t know, but there was something really endearing about Edward allowing Bella to spend time with Jacob, even driving her up to the reservation and handing her off at the border. There is something akin to a ‘high-noon’ atmosphere the way I envision the exchange. How hurtful can that be, to watch someone you love walk into someone else’s arms who you know is equally in love with her are you? Someone who you suspect holds a great deal of influence over the person you love? I’d like to think I’m not the jealous type, but I think that much generosity would kill me.

The ultimate generosity for me, comes not when Edward and Jacob willingly put their lives on the line for Bella. It was the night in the tent when Bella was freezing and Edward being the cold blooded vampire that he is can offer no respite so he instead conceded to the warmth of the werewolf Jacob to warm up his true love.

Is it weird that through all the vampire battle gore and werewolf hunts these are the two scenes that stuck in my mind? What stuck in your mind after reading this book?

What I thought of New Moon and Twilight.

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  1. I’ve just finished Eclipse after a mad, obsessive reading of all three Bella Swann novels over three days. I’m a high school English teacher, and I can’t help but admit my astonishment over the masterful storytelling in a seies of books classified as “teen fiction.” Other than my experience with Harry Potter, I’ve never been so compelled to read by a set of characters. Throughout this last installment, my emotions were almost as volatile as Bella’s. I was even angry with her at points for not knowing her own mind. Of course, she chose appropriately in the end, but I also hated that for the majority of the novel there might be a chance she would choose Jacob. I anxiously await the next book in which I hope poor Jacob is “imprinted,” but I also hope the story revolves around Edward and Bella, two of the most fascinating, lovable characters I’ve ever encountered.

  2. Hi Kari, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I too have been surprised how much I’ve enjoyed teen fiction. Many of them have surprising depth that was totally unexpected. I too enjoyed the twilight series because of the emotions it managed to elicit. That is rare for me in reading any genre.

  3. I just finished reading this trilogy and loved every delicious minute of it. I think Eclipse was the best of the three – although I wasn’t too keen on the *afterthought* about Jacob. I wonder if they would ever make these into a series of movies – though I’m not sure they could do it justice! I’ve written a review on my site too – though I’m new to review writing so it’s not as good as yours!

  4. I have mixed feelings about seeing these books turned into a movie too. They deserve to be on the big screen definitely; I am just wary as I have been disappointed when good books get turned into movies in the past.

    A movie is on the works…check out the author’s website:

  5. Hi everyone! This is my first time writing on something like this but, for these books, it’s all worth it. I agree with everyone but, honestly, I’m so obsessed with these books and characters that I can’t wish to not see them on the big screen. Again, the questionable thing is if it is doable and if it can be done as similar to the book as possible just to satisfy all audiences who are fans of the books. I am very excited about the next two and, really, these are the most sensual, romantic books I have ever come in counter with. The question that remains though is if this is possible and the outcome of it. Everything must be perfect for down to the kind of cars they are driving otherwise, we readers are not going to get the feel of what it is really like, even if many of us have already imagined this.

  6. twilight, new moon and eclipse are the best books in the world, avd i was a harry potter fanatic! i am eagerly anticipating breaking dawn.

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