New Domain and Host

New Domain and Host

So after much time sitting on the fence, I finally jumped off and decided to get my own domain and hosting.

It had never been a big issue before, getting my own domain, since i was able to what I needed quite sufficiently on Blogger. I had finally learned the ins and outs of the Blogger platform, and I’m proud to say I even learned how to do a little template hacking. It was easy for me, and I have always have tended to become complacent. Plus, it was free, so how much more can you ask for?

Apparently, you can ask for more like your own, proprietary domain and hosting. And since I decided to try my hand at monetizing my blogs, I found out that when you have your own domain, you can earn more money in advertising and sponsored reviews. As the old saying goes, you gotta spend some money to make money. I made a little money off of my blogs for the first time this year, so I decided to invest back in my blogging by buying my own domain and hosting.

I compared several hosting services and eventually settled on because they offered a little bit more for less money. For almost the same price as a 4 GB space on other servers, you can get 300 GB on Blue Host. Plus, you get one domain for free and host as many others as you want. So I did just that. I got one free domain with my hosting service, and bought two more from

If you are planning to have your own domain in the future, you can buy it now from and park it. I didn’t know you can do that! I wish I had known, because one of the domain names I wanted had already been taken.

Besides parking, I’ve learned a few other things setting up the new blogs, but definitely not as much as I should have known prior to jumping into this domain/hosting arena.

For instance, I didn’t know that the first domain name you submit when you buy your hosting service becomes your default main domain. I didn’t want to do that with the first domain I submitted. I wanted another domain to have been the main domain. Now I don’t know how to solve it and I’ve submitted a ticket to Blue Host to see if I can still reverse the domains. This is after I am just about done polishing several subdomains.

I’ll let you know how that goes next.

3 thoughts on “New Domain and Host

  1. that’s the reason why I got my own domain too. Now it’s time to build our page ranks ^_^

    Now i’ll have a JMom1 on my links

    happy weekend!

  2. Hi Mama BoK and Girlie my fellow posties!! haha!!! we all got our own domains for PPP. It’s really addicting, isn’t it? My blogger blog was getting too thick with reviews too so I thought I better separate out my reviews. šŸ™‚ Yeah, lets build our page ranks! Thanks for visiting!

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