Do You Read Religious Books and Do You stick to Only One?


 Do you read religious books or books on religion? Do you only read those pertaining to your faith or do you read them all?

I read all genres. All books that can hold my attention is fair game. While my favorite is still fantasy and historical novels. I have been known to get wrapped up in romance, mystery, biographical, non-fiction, and yes, even religious genres.

I have noticed on my online reading groups that there is a strong contingent of readers who read strictly Christian books. I have read quite a few religious novels and my new favorites are the Amish books that have been gaining popularity lately. I am just intrigued by them.

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Clever and creative promotional ideas include unique mementos


There are some really wonderful promotional products on the market that can be customized and personalized to display a common theme, logo, or motif that is relevant to a business or organization. Many of these items are affordable and a great, cost-efficient strategy to increase company exposure, garner customers, or expand consumer audiences. Other shoppers seeking unique products may have different incentives and objectives for investing in customized products, including solidarity among group members, favors for parties or celebrations, or to commemorate a milestone in a clever way. Whatever the goal, the options for products is vast but there are some simple and affordable alternatives that might get overlooked when browsing. One great item to consider is the simple lapel pin.

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Why a Business Should Have a Facebook Page


One of the most important things that any business must do to sell online is to learn about the social media site Facebook. Below are a few tips on how to use Facebook in a business capacity.

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Bound Notebooks and Journals – Do You Still Use Them?


If you haven’t completely switched over the digital world, you are not alone. Many scribes still love to put pen to paper, especially if that paper means something special. Shop at stores, locally and online, with companies like Jenni Bick Bookbinding. These companies believe in handcrafting beautifully bound paper products that you can use for everyday thoughts or for the outline of your next novel.

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Staff Uniforms in the Service Industry


There are many professions where the employees wear uniforms. The uniforms vary in colors depending on the business and the position of the employee wearing them. Some uniforms consist of a jacket, shirt or vest that has the name of the company or the last name of the employee on the front pocket or they could be as simple as a t-shirt with the business name on the back.

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The History of Wedding Rings – An Anniversary Post

The wedding ring remains one of the most iconic symbols of marriage today. The circle has always represented the unending cycle, an eternity of existence. In love, it symbolizes an endless affection. The symbolism may ring hollow in today’s seemingly impermanence of some marriages as people marry and un-marry as if following a trend, but for many, the ring’s symbolism is still something to aspire and hope for. It still gives meaning to the purpose of unity and endlessness in the love between couples.

There is, however, a segment of people who see the ring as an antiquated symbol of man’s dominance over woman and eschew the use of such a symbol in their relationship. It goes back to the times when women became ‘properties’ of men once the ring is placed on their fingers. Back then, only women wore rings. It is only in recent times that men started wearing rings too.

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